Policy of the company and quality targets

We centre our policy on giving both, our clients and the owners that give us their properties to sell, the highest possible satisfaction. Therefore:

- we try to full-fill their desires and the legal requirements and regulations

- we promote the collaborators of the enterprise and give them the formation they need in order to full-fill our work efficiently

- we promote teamwork and good working conditions in the enterprise

- we use new technologies in order to improve our quality service

- we have an efficient system of communication that makes it possible to get information, to transmit quickly any incidents and requirements of clients and owners

- we controll internal processes and have the target to reduce and minimize incidents and nonconformities
- we analyse regularly the information we get, in order to detect areas that could be improved

- to sum up: we improve constantly the effectiveness and efficiency of our service

he success of our enterprise must have the consequence to reconcile the legitim interests of those who are interested in 20 DE MARZO DE 1997 S.L. of PASCUAL ASSOCIATS, to get a profit and to garantize a certain growth to the enterprise that could be an example for the Balearic Islands where we are working.

Palma de Mallorca, 19th of August 2005

Gabriel Pascual Font